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Please feel free to contact any staff member.  They are here to help you get the mobile home you are looking for:

Agent Roster

Michael Kinney 044 A
Michael Kinney 044 A
Email Michael Kinney 044
Cell: 727-288-3937
Barbara Carmichael 046 B <B>HABLAMOS ESPANOL</B>
Barbara Carmichael 046 B HABLAMOS ESPANOL
Email Barbara Carmichael 046
Cell: 904-304-5612
Marilyn Giddings 04 C
Marilyn Giddings 04 C
Email Marilyn Giddings 04
Cell: 727-288-1566
Mary Narucki 02 D
Mary Narucki 02 D
Email Mary Narucki 02
Cell: 727-424-5606
Krisi Seal 048 E
Krisi Seal 048 E
Email Krisi Seal 048
Cell: 951-217-4750
Nim S. Smith 045 F
Nim S. Smith 045 F
Email Nim S. Smith 045
Cell: 727-686-0299
Billy-Maria Sherlock 21 G
Billy-Maria Sherlock 21 G
Email Billy-Maria Sherlock 21
Cell: 727-452-6649
Bob Grimes 03 H
Bob Grimes 03 H
Email Bob Grimes 03
Cell: 727-385-2700
Dixie Angelikoussis I
Dixie Angelikoussis I
Email Dixie Angelikoussis
Cell: 7275319300
James Snyder 055 J
James Snyder 055 J
Email James Snyder 055
Cell: 727-520-6955
Ruben Nieves K <b>HABLAMOS ESPANOL </b>
Email Ruben Nieves
Cell: 203-598-1772
Rogelio Castaneda 258 L   <b>HABLAMOS ESPANOL</b>
Rogelio Castaneda 258 L HABLAMOS ESPANOL
Email Rogelio Castaneda 258
Cell: 727-488-1461
David Williams M <b>WEBMASTER</B>
David Williams M WEBMASTER
Email David Williams
Cell: 727-223-5910
Barb Johnson 256 N
Barb Johnson 256 N
Email Barb Johnson 256
Cell: 727-421-6252
Craig Gordon Q    <b>Tech Support</b>
Craig Gordon Q Tech Support
Email Craig Gordon

Michael Angelikoussis P <B> Sales Manager</B>
Michael Angelikoussis P Sales Manager
Email Michael Angelikoussis
Phone: 727-531-9300
George Angelikoussis Q <b>Owner/Broker</b>
George Angelikoussis Q Owner/Broker
Email George Angelikoussis
Phone: 727-531-9300

Richard Giddings


Rosalie Volpe


Laurie Lovelace






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